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I Wake Up Tired…

If you find that you’re tired well before lunchtime, it could be a sign of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). This is a common condition that affects an estimated 39 million people, and finding the right course of treatment is important for anyone who experiences it. Feeling tired even after a full night of sleep is a common symptom of OSA, so speak with a trusted sleep science professional about your rest if you find yourself exhausted in the morning. Our team at Medina Dental Sleep Solutions is here to help you find a comfortable way to achieve a quieter night of sleep!
Sleep Apnea Can Seriously Mess With Your Rest
Obstructive sleep apnea happens when the throat tissue becomes a little too soft during the deepest form of sleep. When your airway becomes blocked due to your own body, it can cause significant periods where you are not able to breathe naturally. These pauses in breath can last over a minute until your body jerks you awake, and the interruptions in sleep can leave you drowsy early in the day.
Morning sleepiness
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OSA Poses A Serious Health Risk
It is important to have full nights of quality rest, and when sleep apnea keeps you up at night, every day can be a struggle. OSA can also be harmful to your lasting health, as well, as this condition sharply increases your risk of cardiovascular events. Patients with this common sleep disorder experience heart attack and stroke at a significantly elevated rate due to high blood pressure, and they are more likely to develop Type II diabetes.
Enhance your Sleep With An Oral Appliance For Sleep Apnea

While OSA is a serious concern, you have options when treating your sleep disorder. For many, the idea of a noisy CPAP machine is enough to turn them away from speaking to a provider about treatment. Thankfully, an oral appliance can help you to improve your sleep in a quieter, less intrusive way.

Oral appliance therapy works a little differently, keeping the airway unobstructed by positioning the jaw forward slightly. With this form of sleep apnea treatment, there is no need for an outlet, and you can enjoy a quieter night of rest than with traditional CPAP therapy.

Talk with our team today to schedule a sleep evaluation, and learn more about OSA treatment with an oral appliance!